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At College Career Consulting, we are passionate about uncovering the unique strengths and skills of each student. Using an innovative blend of data analysis techniques as well as multiple assessment tools, we build a personalized profile that highlights what career pathways best fit with their interests and aptitudes. We go beyond tests to provide students clarity on how they can use their talents in making meaningful life choices – all while instilling excitement for the possibilities ahead!

Through our individualized approach, we’ll help assess and identify your learning styles, interests and aptitudes so that when it comes time to choose a degree or career direction you can be confident in making an informed decision with greater ease! Experience firsthand how accessing our comprehensive testing system plus personalized coaching from certified experts will equip you with actionable knowledge on selecting both colleges and occupations tailored just for you. Let us guide the way towards achieving success – no wasted money, effort or suffering necessary!

Founder & Coach

Kal Otis

With 32 years of experience, Kal has worked with children, teens, and their parents. For the past 20 years, she has been instrumental in creating a thriving teen leadership program, giving teens the opportunity to discover, develop, and use their talents in their churches, schools, and communities. She has also taught in both private and public schools.

With her background in brain development, Kal began helping students who didn’t know what they wanted to do when they grew up and had wished they had pursued career counseling before they attended a university. She has skillfully and successfully helped many students rectify poor career and college choices over the years. The weight of their emotional and uninformed decisions moved Kal to become passionate about coaching students and their parents, helping them align the student’s aptitudes and personalities with the best career path for them. There is immeasurable wisdom in deciding a career path before applying to, and/or attending a college. Many reverse the order, which can turn out to be a very costly decision.



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Kal was the key to my college choice and career growth. As a teenager, when I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, Kal tested me using multiple assessments. Kal’s intuitive ability to read people, see their strengths, weakness, and potential is a true gift. She’ll tell you the truth, which will change your perspective, and your life, which allows you to make far better decisions about selecting a college, a major and a career, and not just a job. I’ve also made far better life choices as a result of Kal’s input and assessment and intuitive wisdom. I had a great coach and mentor in Kal, and highly recommend her!

Jomin Bishop

Director of Sales, Wealthbox CRM
Investing in your teen’s career path that uniquely highlights his/her strengths and challenges will be the best money spent BEFORE they get to college or vocational school! We did an assessment with College Careers Consulting after my sons first semester in college, and it helped us redirect his path in a way that will give him the building blocks toward fulfillment.

Ann Marie

Happy Parent

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