College Careers Consulting recently had the opportunity to interview one of our clients, George Stavropoulos, the father of Pamela.

Pamela is a high school junior with a vibrant and fun personality. Here is Georges’ perspective on what our services have done not just for their daughter, but for their whole family.

Why did you hire College Careers Consulting to help your daughter?

“My wife and I were struggling to help our daughter, Pamela, figure out the next stage of her life. We have this bubbling, happy, fun and beautiful girl that really didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. When we would talk to Pamela about her future she couldn’t give us a straight answer. We soon realized that she was trying to please us with her answers and that she wasn’t confident about what really came out of her mouth. Her mom and I were tossing around the idea to either send Pamela for some counseling or ask a few role models and/or mentors to help her narrow down some career choices. That’s when my wife bumped into Kal Otis and discovered what College Careers Consulting had to offer. Her services were perfect for us, and God sent. It checked off all our boxes as far as what we were looking for – her services would help Pamela and us determine her learning style, natural aptitudes, motivations, interests and match it to the best-fit career paths she should consider. They would also give us a list of career paths Pamela should avoid! It was a no brainer for us! So we decided to engage her services.”


How have the ‘Career & Personality’ results impacted your lives?

“For us it has been a huge sense of relief… a sense of accomplishment because we see that our daughter has answers – she now knows what kind of learner she is and how she can learn better. She knows how she thinks and what her strengths are. We all now know the kind of career paths she should approach. For us, it has been perfect. It has eased all our minds. It has been us a better understanding of how to approach the next two…. three…. even four years and honestly, beyond that. So ultimately it was a success for us as a family, but more so for our daughter because she has a strong sense of direction.”

Do you have any advice for the parents reading this blog?

“Sure! I would say that it is worth the financial investment to find out what career your son or daughter would be best suited to pursue. Years ago, when we went to college, it was just hard to determine if we were making the right decision. In my case, my fear and concern were that my parents were carrying all the financial responsibility for my college education – it was a big sacrifice and so I went to college to become a cop. I really thought I would be good at it. It turns out that ten years later, sales is where I’m at – that’s what I’m good at. I had no way of knowing what my best career fits were. The fact is career consulting is a gift that can help save both money and time. It can help any child and any parent determine a direction. It can help both student and parents plan effectively.”


Did the results surprise you?

“I think it was 50-50. 50 percent of the results confirmed what we already knew about our daughter. However, the thing that was different is how the assessments were combined to generate a clear picture of who Pamela is – her learning style, motivations, interests, personality traits, brain dominance, and thinking preferences – substantiated the best career fit list that was created for her.”

We were also surprised because you helped us discover some career paths that we never thought possible – Pamela is now able to think about those careers, match it up to what she has learned about herself – and think outside the box. The fact is that she can reach out to you with her ideas and you can help her determine if what she’s thinking is a good or poor career fit for her. By the way – there is some assurance to the fact that we have the results, we’ve used your services but you’re still available to help. We are sure that it is something Pamela will continue to utilize in the near future.”


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*Photos courtesy of Bethany at Paint The Sky Photography