Meet Cassidy Ktsanes, a client of College Careers Consulting. Cassidy shared her experience and advice with us about how we helped her choose a better fit for her career path and goals.

Why did you decide to ask College Careers Consulting for help?

What was the process like?

Kal had me take a few assessments, and it matched me with careers that aligned with my skill sets. She went into a lot of detail about what each skill of mine meant and how the percentages of the jobs that matched with them aligned with my qualities.

What did you discover about yourself? How did it affirm for you the career path you should take?

I learned that teaching and English were actually the best matches for me, and it really affirmed what I had truly wanted to do. It gave me more confidence going forward.

How did Kal help you discern your next steps?

Kal gave me better clarity on what jobs I would enjoy and thrive in and helped remind me what jobs I really didn’t want to do. She suggested I substitute teach to see how I felt about it. She even helped me figure out how to get a sub certificate and plug-in to my local school district.

What would your future have looked liked if you had not sought help?

I likely would have kept attempting law and law school, and it could have led me to a career I didn’t feel fulfilled in for the long run.

What’s next for you, and what are you excited about?

I have enrolled in a Master’s in English Education program that will also license me as a secondary education teacher. I am so excited to one day have my own classroom.

Do you have any advice for students that might be thinking about engaging in this process with us?

If they feel uncertain about the path they are currently pursuing, they should ask Kal for help. She will guide them away from what they don’t want to do and help them thrive in the path that they know deep down is genuinely right for them.

What advice would you give parents who might be on the edge of wondering if the process is worth it?

My advice would be that Kal is only interested in having your child grow and truly be happy. It is her calling to help guide young people, and she really cares about your child’s best interests. She can help build confidence in your children in the areas where they can fully excel.

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