How did you initially feel when your parents decided to hire College Careers Consulting to help you with the college process?

My first thought was “Oh my gosh! I have to start thinking about college now! Everything is happening so quickly!” I had yet to seriously engage in the college process. It felt overwhelming. After we met, I realized it was pretty straightforward. You helped me understand a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been able to understand on my own.

What did you think about the process?

I really thought that the process was convenient as well as sequenced and paced well. Without prepping us, my school threw all of the juniors into making a list of colleges we want to attend. But with you, I liked the fact that through assessments and lots of conversations we first made an accurate list of my interests and aptitudes. Then we generated a list of my best-fit careers and then we started focusing on colleges. I loved how the entire process was arranged – steps in logical order.

If you had not engaged in this process what do you think would’ve happened?

Honestly, I would’ve been in a pretty bad spot. I wouldn’t have any idea about what I wanted to do! I would have probably gone to college and ended up in a career I wasn’t really passionate about. I would’ve been so confused and not prepared if I had just depended on my high school resources. The way they do it makes no sense to me. I also think I wouldn’t have been able to decide on the best college fit for me either without College Careers Consulting helping me. I really feel that I’m being well equipped now with what I need to be successful.

Correct me if I’m wrong – the college that you feel is the best fit for you was actually not on your list of colleges to consider, am I correct?

I completely wrote off the college that I would now love to attend because it is where my mom went. Now I realize that it was important to first decide the career path I wanted to take and then match that to the college that would provide the best experience. When I started touring colleges, I saw the college that was going to set me up to succeed based on how I learn and what I need, was indeed the college I was determined not to attend before I started meeting with College Careers Consulting. I will be very happy if it ends up working out.

What unique experiences did College Careers Consulting give you that contributed to your excitement and final decision?

College Careers Consulting gives students the opportunity to interview people that are in the careers they are considering. It was really exciting to hear firsthand about somebody’s experience with the careers that I am thinking about doing. I thought that the meeting with Toni was really cool because I’ve never really talked with anybody that is in broadcasting and production before. Hearing what it took for her to become successful was meaningful! It sold me on what I was already leaning towards. I thought that she had a lot of good things to say and she gave a lot of good advice. It was really interesting to hear about other people\’s career paths and how that worked out with their initial degree and how they got to be where they are today. I think it was helpful that I got to interview two people, each of which has careers that I was considering. It actually gave me the confidence to narrow down my choice to one!

What advice would you give parents of high school students who are uncertain about engaging in this process?

Even though I know I’m not a parent, I would tell them that it was so well worth it! If this process is something you’re seriously considering or it’s just on the outer edge of your radar – don’t write it off! Do it! Don’t rely on your student’s high school counselor. I feel really secure because I was able to do this. I’m grateful that my mom arranged this for me. Parents, I encourage you to sign your student up – the expense is well worth it. It will reduce your student’s stress, you will stop nagging them to get on top of the process, and they will really experience positive results!

What advice would you give students who are like thinking about this?

Some students might feel stressed because it is a lot of work. But it’s important and the way Kal covers everything is really helpful. She makes the whole process so easy to understand and follow. She mentors you through the whole process and breaks it up so it is manageable. I feel that I would have been so lost without Kal’s help.

Compared to you, where are your peers in this process?

Even though I started working with College Careers Consulting in January of my junior year, I’m worried about getting everything done on time. It stresses me out to see that most of my peers haven’t even taken the first step. And if they have, they’re taking the wrong first step – like picking out a college before knowing what careers may be a good fit.

What are the top three things you’ve gained?

I’ve always been a talker but I didn’t realize until I started meeting with College Careers Consulting that my love for talking to people could be converted into a career path for me. I thought that was a really exciting and cool discovery! I wouldn’t have thought that I could actually go to school to learn how to talk to people.

I wouldn’t have found my dream school. It really checks all my boxes and I feel I have really found a school I absolutely love.

I’ve learned so much about myself, including how my interests and passions can be channeled into a career. I am a more confident person today and I’m also excited about my future!

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