In a few short months, her high-school junior, Madison, went from being not engaged to highly engaged and excited about college. Four months later, she has a bounce in her step with the weight of choosing a career off her shoulders. Now she is spending her time dreaming about her future, evaluating college choices and applying for scholarships. Her mom, Danielle Prouty approached College Career Consulting and asked us to help her daughter find a college and help her determine her best career fit.

Visiting my alma mater, EIU, with my girl….reminiscing old times

Here is Danielle’s perceptive on what College Careers Consulting has done for Madison.

What caused you to approach Kal at College Careers Consulting?

As a mother of two teenagers, I’m sure most Moms can relate to the vast amount of work required in getting your child ready for the college and degree interests and the winding, complicated path ahead of them! Your child’s dynamic wants their independence in this process, which can create a challenge in having your teenager want to listen and embrace guidance from their parents. I can’t speak highly enough of Kal and College Careers Consulting. I started the process around four months ago with my daughter, a junior in high school. In the last four months, I have noticed a significant increase in her focus, preparedness towards her college research and degree interests.

What changes have you noticed in your daughter since she began the process with College Career Consulting?

My daughter has gone from not knowing what careers she was interested in into being confident with the research and knowledge gained through Kal’s processes. This has propelled her to start making decisions and developing solid options regarding her future. My daughter was much more engaged with Kal, and working together with her to increase her awareness of her strengths and potential weaknesses in various subjects and possible degrees and future career planning. Kal’s communication on what these tests and tools provide in terms of gaining a general understanding of her interests and strengths are very clearly explained throughout all of their work together.

What is one unique experience College Careers Consulting provided for your daughter?

Not only did my daughter get excited about the process when she began to identify with the results, but Kal also facilitated introductions to people working in the career fields that my daughter showed interest and strengths in. These introductions provided real experiences for her to learn from through their meetings.

What advice would you give parents of high school students in regards to the college process?

My daughter stated something that truly brings concern to light when she shared that many of her friends are struggling to sift through college mail, feeling pushed to consider universities without considering what majors are a good fit! We still have another year ahead of us, and I am more than confident that College Career Consulting’s guidance will vastly improve the odds of choosing the best college and degree path for my daughter. I also have a son who will be a freshman next year and hope to start the process much sooner with him. The work done with Kal and College Careers Consulting has been well worth our time, money and effort. It is something I strongly recommend parents to consider.

Madison has decided to pursue communications and broadcasting. Our assessments indicate that it is a top match to her aptitudes, personality and strengths.

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