Applying to college can be a stressful process. It’s important to ensure that your applications are complete, and all of your materials are up to date, but you also want to make sure that you are following the proper etiquette throughout the application process.

Let’s explore six essential etiquettes that every high school student should follow during their college application journey.

College Application Etiquette # 1

Ask for Letters of Recommendation Before Your Junior Year Summer Break

It is important to ask for letters of recommendation well in advance so that you can give your references time to write thoughtful, meaningful letters on your behalf. Make sure you provide them with all the information they might need so they can tailor their letter to your needs. Don’t forget to thank them when they’re done!

College Application Etiquette # 2

Parents Should Not Write Your Essay

While it may seem like a good idea for your parents to help you brainstorm ideas on your essay content, it is not a good idea for them to write it. After all, it is your story—not your parents’—that admissions officers are looking for, so write it yourself and shine!

College Application Etiquette # 3

Respect the Early Decision Process

There are seven types of college admissions. If you choose to apply for Early Decision (ED), be aware of the fact that this is a binding agreement, meaning once you receive an acceptance from a school, you must make a decision quickly and notify each college that has received your application to remove your application from consideration. Failing to adhere to this agreement could result in serious repercussions down the road, so make sure you understand what you’re getting into before committing yourself ED!

College Application Etiquette # 4

If You’re No Longer Interested in a College – Don’t Delay Notifying Them

Once you have been accepted into college and/or if you’re no longer interested in the colleges on your list anymore make sure you notify them immediately. This will allow another student who might have been waitlisted or has a deferred admission to be considered.

College Application Etiquette # 5

Once Accepted: Celebrate Don’t Brag

Congratulations! You did it! But instead of bragging about being accepted into college or focusing on colleges who rejected you, focus on celebrating your achievement with loved ones and friends. Take pride in what you have accomplished without putting down others who may not have had similar experiences or successes as yours!

College Application Etiquette # 6

Keep Your Social Clean

Admissions officers often look at social media profiles when making admissions decisions. Void posts or photos that could be considered inappropriate or unprofessional by an admissions officer or potential employer down the road.

The college application process can be overwhelming; however, by following these six essential etiquettes during this process, you can ensure that you remain polite and professional throughout your journey toward higher education! By respecting deadlines, honoring early decision agreements, keeping social media clean, celebrating successes without judging others negatively, asking for letters of recommendation early in the process and allowing writing your own essays—you can help set yourself up for success throughout both the college application process and beyond!

Discovering which path is right for you doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or uncertain – our experts are here to provide you with help and make sure your transition from high school to college is seamless – contact us today!