As competition continues to grow tougher year after year, many families are finding themselves navigating conversations about future plans, broken hearts, and what happens when your student doesn’t get the acceptance letter from their dream school.

Even though it can be heartbreaking, there are ways to help your student cope with the rejection and move forward. Here are four things to consider to help your student handle this difficult situation.

It’s Ok to Feel Sad

When your student doesn’t get accepted into their dream school, it’s okay for them to feel sad or disappointed. It means letting go of a big dream that they may have held onto for years, and it’s normal for them to feel upset by the rejection. Allow your child to take the time they need to process their feelings before moving on.

Unplug from Social Media

Many schools post admissions in large batches, so hundreds of students will get the news all at once. This means that your student’s social media channels will be flooded with photos of others announcing their acceptance—which can make them feel worse about not getting in. Encourage them to take some time away from social media while they come to terms with not being accepted into their dream school.

Be Near

Nobody is more well-equipped to comfort them in challenging times quite like you! Just having you nearby when they need you is often enough for your student to know that everything is going to be alright and that life will go on despite the disappointment. Plan on spending quality time with them doing activities they enjoy or just spending some quiet time together talking things through until they feel better. Avoid processing your own feelings and confusion about their dream school rejection with them. Be patient, loving, and understanding as your student navigates this difficult period in their life

Redirect Your Attention

Finally, try not to obsess over rejection too much—focus on what comes next instead! Helping your student look ahead toward other options and opportunities can help redirect attention from the pain of being rejected. Show them other schools which offer similar programs or majors and encourage them to research these options thoroughly before making a decision about which college or university is right for them.

Rejection isn’t easy, especially when it comes to something as important as college admissions decisions. But if you approach it with empathy and understanding, you can help your student cope better with this difficult situation and move forward toward new opportunities and dreams! By taking the time to show support, unplugging from social media, providing comfort where needed, and redirecting attention towards new possibilities, you can help guide your student through this transition period until they find a path that feels right for them—no matter what happens with their original dream school!

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